What's so special about Luxendary cases?

At Luxendary we are obsessed with making Beautiful Phone Cases...

but that's not what we really do...

What we really do is create:

Fashion Statements,

Personality Expressions,

Style Statuses.


There is also another obsession that we have: Quality...

 All our cases are meticulously designed with multiple levels of refinement.

We use state of the art technology to achieve highest level of satisfaction.

All our cases are designed and crafted in NYC.


What is 24k Series?

24K Series is case is our Premium line of cases.

Terry cloth padding, raised front lip and 2 piece Poly Carbonate slide-in construction provide great protection and durability.

Black Velvet top, Gold Plated bottom and our "3D engraved" signature designs make the 24K series case look & feel luxurious.

24K Series is available in: 24K Gold and Black Titanium (coming soon) trims.


What is Chrome Series?

Chrome Series is our bestselling line of cases. Designed to keep the phone light and sleek, while providing great everyday use protection. Chrome series cases are made of a very durable semi-flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material.

Chrome series is available in: Chrome, Rose Gold & Yellow Gold (coming soon) trims.


What is included in the package?

Luxendary Case,

Picture frame style packaging,

1 Year warranty.


What phone models are Luxendary cases available for?

Chrome Series: iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6Plus/6sPlus, iPhone se/5/5s.

24K Series: iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6Plus/6sPlus (Coming Soon).


What are the dimensions of the case?

iPhone 6/6s: 139x69x8.5 mm (Chrome Series)

iPhone 6Plus/6sPlus: 159x79x9 mm (Chrome Series)

iPhone se/5/5s: 128x59x10 mm (Chrome Series)

iPhone 6/6s: 139x69x8.5 mm (Chrome Series)

iPhone 6Plus/6sPlus: 159x79x9 mm (Chrome Series)

iPhone 6/6s: 142x71x10 mm (24K Series)

iPhone 6Plus/6sPlus (Coming Soon): 162x81x10.5 mm (24K Series)


What Materials Are Your Cases Made From?

Chrome Series: Thermoplastic Polyurethane, 3D textured UV ink

24K Series: Poly Carbonate, 3D textured UV ink


What Features/Settings Does This Case Include?

24K Series: Terry cloth padding, raised front lip, Black Velvet top, Gold Plated bottom, "3D engraved" Luxendary designs.

Chrome Series: Stylish Unique Design, sleek & slim profile, provide great grip, "3D textured" Luxendary design.


What Colors/Prints Does This Case Come In?

Our cases are available in over 500 unique designs and styles. 


Do Your Cases Have Any Parts That Require Regular Replacement?



Are Your Cases Manufactured Domestically Or Imported?

We manufacture our cases in our facility in Shenzhen, then import them to our NYC facility where our talented designers craft them with our signature designs & styles using state of the art technology and materials.


Is This Case Covered By Warranty?

Yes, please go to www.Luxendary.com/warranty for more details.