LUXurious, legENDARY


"My phone is not bluky it is still thin even with the cover"

- Savannah -

"My 13 year old has a gold phone and loved the look of this case against the gold. Checkered prints seem to be in style at the moment so it was a great purchase. Not a break proof case, but functional"

- Great -

"Excelente producto, muy bonita carcasa y excelente material"

- Edwin -

"This was one of the best phone cases i’ve Had"

- Kctruex -

"This case makes my phone look so sweet. When I lay it face down you can help but read the back. I travel a lot but I love to rep my city “Detroit” and this was perfect... I posted this to my Facebook page and I know for sure a few of my friends got one for all types of iPhones. (Thank me later) If NOOO PROTECTION other than the face it’s does have a lifted bumper around the edges. That’s a plus. It fits like a glove...I highly recommend this. I’m just a regular shopper on Amazon and typed in Max Case Detroit. So this is not a solicited review."


Made in NYC